Monday, 19 June 2017

Summer Exhibition

A Walk in Frith Wood voted Best in Show
Our exhibition was well received by the public many of whom commented on the attractive way the pictures were displayed and the variety of styles. Many remarked on the wonderful and welcoming display of flowers as they reached the top of the stairs. Many thanks to Sue Embrey who provided the flowers from her garden.

With the exhibition extended for an extra three days we recorded a total of 540 visitors - 157 came on Community Day. Thank you to all the visitors who voted for the Best in Show. Not an easy choice with 71 paintings to consider. The winning painting was A Walk in Frith Wood, by Ian Fountaine. The runner up was Bergen
Winner and runner up
, by Colin Harries. I'm glad to say both paintings were among the ten that sold. A further three paintings from the print browsers also sold as did 144 cards.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in organising, hanging or stewarding and particular thanks to the seventeen artists who exhibited.

A number of members were not able to exhibit this time but we hope that most of them will be able to take part in the Christmas Exhibition - 20 to 25 November.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Pictures from the Summer Exhibition

Here are a few pictures from the exhibition. We have a good standard and wide variety of work well displayed in the Weavers Gallery. We shall now be open for an extra three days, finally closing at 4.30pm on Wednesday 14 June.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Summer Exhibition 2017 - with extra days

Don't miss our Summer Exhibition at Weavers Gallery, Church Lane, Ledbury HR8 1DW

The exhibition will be open to the public at the following times:
     Monday 5 June, 2.00pm - 4.30pm
     Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10 June, 10.00am - 4.30pm
     Sunday 11 June, 11.00am - 3.00pm

     Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 June, 10.00am - 4.30pm

We are grateful to Amanda Wright of Weavers Gallery who has allowed us to have three extra days in the gallery. Please be aware that The Homend and part of Bye Street will be closed for road works on the first three days of the exhibition.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Graham Wilson demonstration

Rainy day at the beach
Graham Wilson produced three paintings while he entertained us with the humorous manner in which he communicated his approach to watercolour painting and working with line and wash.

He works on Bockingford Rough and uses tube watercolour pigments from Ken Bromley.
In the woods

On the beach
When he applied paint the brush was not heavily loaded and he worked wet on dry and also demonstrated the use of dry brush technique e.g. for the sea in the first picture.

For the tree trunks in the woodland painting and the masts of the boats in the third picture he painted the edge of mount card scraps and 'printed' the paint onto the paper.

The grasses in the foreground of the first picture and elements of the trees in the second were painted with a rigger. He favoured a rigger from Rosemary which is designed to hold more paint than a conventional rigger.

For more of Graham's work visit,%20Graham

Friday, 10 February 2017

Carole Baker: Landscape in Acrylic

Our demonstrator for February was Carol Baker  who tackle a landscape using a scumbling technique to apply thin layers of acrylic paint.

Carole does a lot of plein air sketching and uses her sketch book to plan her studio paintings. The image to the left shows a thumbnail and a water colour sketch for the painting she demonstrated.

Notice also that the sketchbook shows what she has chosen as her palette for this painting. As well as three primaries, she has a light violet, white and Paynes Grey.

She always works with a limited palette and keeps a stack old Ferrero Rochet boxes with a different selection of paints in each. Here's the one she used for the demonstration.

Her support was an MDF board primed with brushed on gesso, which gives some texture, and then coated with emulsion applied with a roller. She had then applied an underpainting using a mixture of the red and Naples Yellow from her palette and would expect some of that to orange to show through and add some dynamism to the picture.

The following images show the development of the painting.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Low tide at Bosham

We have yet another response to the Painting Challenge and this one's particularly creative as Ian Fountaine has managed what Canute failed to do and has stopped the tide coming in. Yes, it was supposedly at Bosham that Canute commanded the waves without success. I bet Canute couldn't paint like Ian either.

Here's what Ian wrote when he sent in his entry. "Sorry to take so long to get around to your painting challenge.  In fact, by the time I got there the tide had gone out!  Actually this is with acknowledgement to Joe Francis Dowden who will demonstrate for us in October and who painted the same scene in this manner."

If you have ever visited Bosham you'll know that it is the houses that have a wall separating them from the road below and at high tide the road is often flooded.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

LAS Challenge

I thought I had better have a go at the painting challenge I set last month and tackled it with watercolour. Some parts of my effort I found quite pleasing but I really fiddled too much with the grassy areas and the rippled water. I also found the more distant buildings a little too strong and there is one building near the right where I have distorted the perspective. I really should have used a smaller brush for the windows or at least avoid overloading it. My other problem had nothing to do with painting but everything to do with my ability with a scanner. Never mind, at least I've increased the amount of painting and drawing I do since Christmas.